Hassle-free warranty

All Plusoptix devices come with a one year hassle-free warranty and free software updates. This warranty is a “Hassle-free warranty”, because it covers all aspects of your device, including accidental damage (e.g. device dropped). This hassle-free warranty is valid for the US and Europe. Warranty extensions are available for purchase.

In case you encounter a malfunction or need a warranty extension, please call our after sales service center at 800-488-6436 (EST office hours) or send us an e-mail. If your device needs to be sent in for repair, you will only have to incur the costs for sending the device to Plusoptix. The costs for returning your device will then be beared by Plusoptix. Neither spare parts, nor working time will be charged.


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After-sales service

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User manuals & Short manuals

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