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  1. What should be used to clean the Plusoptix devices?
    Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth for cleaning the device. Should it be necessary to disinfect the device, use Bacillol 30 Tissues, Clorox Healthcare Bleach Wipes or Teccare Control Tissues. These are approved for cleaning the device.

  2. Is it necessary to maintain or calibrate the Plusoptix devices?
    The device is maintenance-free and does not need calibrating. When it is not being used, store it in the original packaging for safekeeping.

  3. How can I keep my Plusoptix device up-to-date?
    Plusoptix offers free software updates so that everyone can benefit from the latest developments. Please check every 12 months to determine whether a new software version is available for download. To access the free download of our latest software version, please go to “Support” on our homepage.

  4. Is the Plusoptix device supplied with warranty?
    The device is supplied with a 12-month warranty from initial purchase. You may purchase an extended warranty. Please contact Plusoptix should you wish to do so. The warranty is invalidated in the case of external damage, improper use, incorrect cleaning or transportation without the original packaging (device cardboard box or Plusoptix carrier bag). The warranty is also invalidated if the device has been opened. External devices such as the SD card, USB memory stick, keypad and mouse are not covered by the warranty.

  5. What should I do in case of a malfunction?
    If your device is not working correctly, please read the information on troubleshooting in Short Manual 10 first. This is available in the download area. Please contact Plusoptix or a Plusoptix authorized dealer only if you fail to find a solution in the manual.

  6. To which address should I send the device for repair?
    In the case of a warranty claim or required service, please send us the device in its original packaging at your expense. After the repair, we will return it to you at our expense

    If patient data is stored on the device, it must be removed from the device for data privacy reasons. Export a copy of your database prior to shipping, and re-import it once you have received the repaired device. For more information on importing and exporting patient data, refer to Short Manual 8.

    Our address is:

In Europe:
Plusoptix GmbH
Nordostpark 21
90411 Nuremberg, Germany
Tel: +49-911-59 83 99-10
In North and South America:
Plusoptix Service & Warranty
Attn: Richard Christensen
8736 SE 165th Mulberry Lane
Suite 220
Lady Lake, Fl 32162

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