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If you are looking for quick answers to the most important questions about the operation or application of the Plusoptix devices, our FAQ page is here to help.

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Mobile devices - plusoptiX 12C and 12R

What SD card can be used?

We recommend a „SDHC“ card with 2 to 8 gigabyte storage. The card label must say SDHC. If you are going to use ones from you camera, they must be formatted in your computer first. The proper format is "fat 32" for the SD card size. "FAT" stands for file allocation table.

Does the SD card need maintenance?

It is always a good idea to reformat an SD card every couple of months. It makes sure that the electronic storage structure is intact and in good health.

Your Plusoptix device does not need to be maintained or calibrated.

How much measurement reports can be stored on the delivered SD card?

Each gigabyte of storage will hold approximately 2300 measurement reports. And they can be erased if the card ever gets close to full.

What can I do when the SD card storage is full?

The device does not automatically erase the measurement reports. You can do that using your computer. Simply connect the SD card to your computer and delete data that you don’t need anymore. To delete the whole data on the SD card, you can also format it. The proper format is "FAT 32" for the SD card size. "FAT" stands for file allocation table.

Wireless IR label printer - plusoptiX P12

Why is the script on the label light or spotted?

The plusoptiX P12 printer needs to be connected to the mains or the rechargeable batteries have to be exchanged.

Why is the print-out incomplete?

If the infrared transmission is interrupted while printing, the print-out of the label is incomplete. To obtain a complete print-out, simply print the label again.

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