Printing options

Plusoptix offers various printing options to choose from

The measurement results can be documented electronically or on paper. Documenting on paper means that the measurement results can be printed out to attach them to a patient paper record. You can print a self-adhesive label on the wireless IR label printer plusoptiX P12 or a screening report on any already existing network printer. With the “plusoptiX S12C”, “plusoptiX S12R”, “plusoptiX A12C” or “plusoptiX A12R” model, it is also possible to print the measurement report directly on a mobile USB printer, without using a workplace computer.

For more information, refer to our online short manual about "Printing the measurement results on paper":

Printing labels with the wireless IR label printer "plusoptiX P12"
The Plusoptix screening report can be printed on any already existing network printer

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Documentation of measurement results

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