In photorefraction, measurement results are derived from brightness patterns in the pupil in a similar manner as in retinoscopy. Therefore, following three components are key to an accurate measurement:

1. Optimal illumination

Plusoptix devices use a unique 54 LED strong flashlight. This optimally illuminates the pupil.

2. Accurate measurement algorithm

Numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies validate that Plusoptix devices consistently deliver highly accurate refraction recordings. Plusoptix devices take measurements automatically, when measurement prerequisites (i.e. distance, pupil size and eye alignment) are being met. Measurements are always accurate. There is no need to repeat it.

3. High-resolution camera image

The quality of a Plusoptix photo is not limited to simply derive refractive recordings. It enables an experienced user to identify media opacities and abnormal reflexes within the pupil. With the new zoom-in feature, this is even easier!

Plusoptix Vision Screener verwenden das Messprinzip des Durchleuchtungstests.

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