Vision Screener

plusoptiX S16
stationary Vision Screener (stationary)

Designed for a stationary use in one office location. Measurement results can be documented electronically or on paper.

 LAN and Wifi connection for electronic documentation or csv data exchange with an EMR system. DVI interface to show results on monitor (eases communication with parents).
 Connected to electricity and therefore always operational (no battery downtimes).

In-built patient database for up to 100,000 entries for follow-up management and studies.


Saves measurement reports to USB stick.

  Free software updates and "Plusoptix hassle-free warranty" (Europe and US only).

Both eyes are measured simultaneously from one meter distance and in less than a second. With the determined measurement values compared to age specific thresholds, a “Pass” or “Refer” vision screening result is displayed. Children with a “Refer” result need to be sent to an eye care professional for an eye examination.

  • Simultaneous measurement of both eyes (binocular)
  • Measurement from one meter distance
  • Measurement in less than one second
  • Measurement in undilated pupils
Screening results

Plusoptix vision screening devices provide reliable measurement values of:

  • Full refraction recording, i.e. sphere, cylinder, and axis for follow-up examination
  • Pupil diameter and pupil distance
  • Symmetry of corneal reflexes

Checking the result page “camera image” means you can detect media opacities, which do not lead to a measurement interruption. In addition to the measurement values, a “Refer” or “Pass” vision screening result is displayed. Children with a “Refer” result need to be sent to an eye care professional for an eye examination.

Detect the most prevalent vision disorders
Documentation options

Measurement results can be documented on paper, or electronically. It can be connected to a computer network (LAN / WLAN), for a full CSV integration with an Electronic Medical Record (i.e. automated patient data import and readings export). With the freeware plusoptiXconnect, we offer you a software that can be used to print measurement reports even without a CSV connection.

For more information, please refer to our information page Documentation of measurement results.

Product specifications

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Studies Vision Screener

Have a look at numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies that validate the accurate measurement algorithm of the Plusoptix devices.

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