Freeware to display and print measurement reports automatically

The freeware "plusoptiXconnect" is a universal printer driver for Windows PCs. With this software the measurement reports / screening reports (PDF files) generated by Plusoptix devices can be printed out on any optional printer connected with your PC. The access to the PDF files stored on an external memory (16: USB, 12C: SD card) takes place over the computer network.

  • only available for the product models plusoptiX S12C, A12C, S16 and A16

After a completed measurement a measurement report / screening report is saved on the external memory of the Plusoptix device. This measurement report is then received by plusoptiXconnect as a new PDF file and can then:

  • be printed out automatically on a printer connected with your workstation computer
  • be displayed automatically as a PDF file on the Desktop

In order to print out only screening reports with a particular screening result (Pass, Refer, Inconclusive), with plusoptiX S12C and S16 the PDF files can be selected individually according to the screening result.

Download plusoptiXconnect

Download plusoptiXconnect (Version: 1.6b)

Installation instructions

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