Plusoptix Screening report

What does a screening report look like?

This screening report is the latest design, available from software version The latest software version can be downloaded in the download area.
The infographic is found on the bottom side of the screening report. You can design this as you wish. Please find a sample graphic with the correct measurements and an included manual how to upload the infographic in the download area.
  • Patient data, measurement date and location
  • Camera image to detect media opacities that do not lead to an inconclusive measurement
  • Measurement values
  • Gaze charts to check gaze asymmetrie
  • Evaluation of measurement values
  • Current software version and ROC age group selection
  • Screening result.
    If the screening result is "Refer", the child should be referred to an ophthalmologist for further treatment.
  • Customizable info graphic with space for your logo and contact details.
Screening report plusoptiX S16
Screening report plusoptiX S16