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Training Videos

Following Plusoptix training videos will help you to optimally operate your Plusoptix device. For further questions concerning the usage of the device, please read the User Manual. Download your User Manual here.

Anna and Emily form the videos Anna and Emily form the videos

Warranty and after sales service

All Plusoptix devices come with a one year hassle-free warranty and continual free software updates. Our warranty covers all aspects of your device, including accidental damage. Warranty extensions are available for purchase.

In case you encounter a malfunction, please check for the latest software update, first. In case your device doesn’t turn on, please check power supply, first. Connect the medical power adapter that came with your device to the mains, and check if green LED on top of the medical power adapter is on. Then connect your medical power adapter to your device and switch it on.

Please read the user manual. Plusoptix User Manuals are extensive and address all features of your device as well as trouble shooting instructions. Download your User Manual here.

In case the malfunction persists after the above mentioned steps, please call our after sales service center at 800-488-6436 (EST office hours) or send us an e-mail. Be aware that our ability to provide support depends on you making the following information available:

  1. Serial Number (S/N)
    You will find the S/N of your device on a silver sticker next to the battery compartment (battery powered devices) or on the bottom of the cradle (stationary devices).
  2. Detailed error description
    Key to identify and fix an error is an error description that enables us to reproduce the error. Please try to address the following questions in your error description:
    What did you do before the error occurred?
    How does the error show?
    What do you see on screen?
    Does the error occur constantly or randomly?
    When sending an e-mail you may find it easier to take pictures of the screen or the device and to attach them to your message rather than writing a wordy description.

  3. Software Version
    Software Version number is indicated in the device settings.

Printing options

For the documentation of the measuring results a self-adhesive label or a measurement report/screening report can be printed.

Plusoptix printing labels

Printing self-adhesive labels with the wireless label printer plusoptiX P12

The plusoptiX P12 is a wireless, battery-operated thermal printer with infrared interface. It is not included in the scope of delivery and has to be ordered separately. Click here to download the plusoptiX P12 user manual.

After each measurement with the Plusoptix device, any number of labels for documenting the measurement results can be printed out. To do so, simply align the Plusoptix device with the infrared receiver of the printer. The distance between the device and the printer should be approximately 1 m (3,28 ft). As soon as you touch the printer symbol on the screen of the Plusoptix device, the data is transmitted and a label is printed out. To confirm the transmission, a blue control lamp lights up in the infrared receiver. Keep the device directed at the printer until the label has been printed and the blue control lamp turns off.

plusoptiX label
Self adhesive label (74 mm x 49 mm)
plusoptiXconnect on Windows PC

Printing measurement reports / screening reports with the freeware plusoptiXconnect

plusoptiXconnect is a universal printer driver for Windows PCs. With this software the measurement reports / screening reports (PDF files) generated by Plusoptix devices can be printed out on any optional printer connected with your PC. The access to the PDF files stored on an external memory (16: USB, 12C: SD card) takes place over the computer network.

After a completed measurement a measurement report / screening report is saved on the external memory of the Plusoptix device. This measurement report is then received by plusoptiXconnect as a new PDF file and can then:

  • be printed out automatically on a printer connected with your workstation computer
  • be displayed automatically as a PDF file on the Desktop

In order to print out only screening reports with a particular screening result, with plusoptiX S12C and S16 the PDF files can be selected individually according to the screening result.

Click here to download the plusoptiXconnect Freeware.
Click here to download the plusoptiXconnect Freeware description.
Do you want to know more? Click here to get in touch with us.

Connection to your Electronic Medical Record (CSV)

As an alternative to the manual entry of the patient data, Plusoptix devices can also be connected to your Electronic Medical Record (CSV). In this case, patient data is transferred to the device prior to the measurement via your DHCP server. After the measurement has been taken, the measurement result is automatically retransferred via your DHCP server to your Electronic Medical Record (CSV).

Click here to learn more about the connection to your Electronic Medical Record (CSV).

Electronic Medical Record (CSV)

Download area: Software Updates, User Manuals and Freeware

This download area provides up-to-date Software Versions, User Manuals and Freeware for a better process integration of your device.

If your device has an in-built touch screen monitor or is connected to a monitor directly (without a computer in between), you can download device-specific documents by clicking on the corresponding picture. Simply identify your model either by its color or its shape.

If your device is connected to a computer or in case you can’t identify your device by its color/shape you may have a PediaVision or a pre 2009 device. In this case you need to contact our after sales service center at 800-488-6436 (EST office hours) or send us an e-mail.

Orange Color – Vision Screening devices

Identify your model by its shape:
Vision Screening S16
Vision Screening S12C
Vision Screening S12R
Vision Screening S09

Green Color – Pediatric Autorefractor devices

Identify your model by its shape:
Pediatric Autorefractor A16
Pediatric Autorefractor A12C
Pediatric Autorefractor A12R
Pediatric Autorefractor A09

Blue Color – PowerRef 3

Confirm your model by its shape:
PowerRef 3

Parent Information

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Two healthy eyes are of critical importance to a child’s wellbeing and development. A visual disorder compromises social and scholastic achievements, can be dangerous in traffic and restrict occupational choices later in life.

Does my child have a visual disorder? Why is eye screening important? What can I do?

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