Plusoptix Vision Screener
to prevent Amblyopia

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Plusoptix Binocular Autorefractor
Autorefractor to provide a baseline refraction

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Plusoptix Power Refractor
for scientists

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Plusoptix devices – Discover now!

Vision Screener

The purpose of Vision Screening is to prevent Amblyopia.

Binocular Autorefractor

A measurement with the Autorefractor provides eye care professionals with a reliable baseline refraction in the context of an initial exam, to identify false-positive referrals.

Power Refractor

The purpose of PowerRefractor is to meter accommodation in real time

Plusoptix – Your specialist in photorefraction

Plusoptix was founded in 2001 and has been dedicated to the development of binocular handheld autorefractors for babies, children, and uncooperative patients since the very beginning. All product development (hard- and software) as well as manufacturing is performed in-house at our Nuremberg, Germany headquarters. In addition, our company is represented in 60+ countries around the world by independent Sales Partners.

Because of long-term experience in the development of binocular autorefractors with three product lines, Plusoptix devices deliver outstanding measurement accuracy, as well as highest product quality marking it with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. (when speaking of the "highest product quality" this means all products have quality standards. "Highest quality product" means specifically the product we produce has met, or exceeded, quality standards, which includes all models we manufacture.)

Along with the promise to deliver the highest product quality and measurement accuracy, Plusoptix offers many solutions for optimal process integration and connection with your Electronic Medical Record.

Furthermore, Plusoptix strives to provide state-of-the-art customer service. With the offer of our “Hassle-free” warranty and continual software updates, along with quick response and repair (just in case), an optimal and smooth operation with Plusoptix devices is guaranteed.

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