Best practice: How to perform vision screenings amid COVID-19

Plusoptix device measures refraction through sneeze guard

It seems like many people avoid going to the doctor for well check visits amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But don’t forget that instrument-based vision screening is very important! 1 of 5 children has visual disorders which may lead to amblyopia, often referred to as “lazy eye,” if not treated early enough. Thus, we would like to answer the following question: How to perform vision screenings amid COVID-19?

Well, how to perform vision screenings amid COVID-19? A contact-free and safe way of vision screening amid COVID-19 is more important than ever before. Plusoptix devices can detect the most prevalent visual disorders within less than 1 second from 3.3ft (1m) distance – even through sneeze guards. The earlier visual disorders are being detected, the easier the development of amblyopia (lazy eye) can be avoided.

How the Covid-19 pandemic affects vision screening

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Plusoptix Emphasizes Customer Service for its Child-Friendly Photoscreener

Plusoptix Screener with Hassle-free warranty

Vision screening programs need photoscreening devices that are reliable.

By Ryan Ham

As a member of the Athens, Ohio, area Lions Club, I have been involved in vision screening efforts for the past 4 years. Recently, we began looking for an updated device to use. We were looking to grow our outreach efforts to involve more kids. Knowing that other Ohio groups were fans of the Plusoptix vision screening devices, we decided to purchase four machines. Our district raised the needed money, and we received a matching grant from Lions International.


Plusoptix Vision Screeners are awarded for their child-friendly and ergonomic product design
Plusoptix Vision Screeners are awarded for their child-friendly and ergonomic product design

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Value of photoscreening programs – by Matthew Doerr, MD

Photoscreening can help identify children who need vision correction.

IPlusoptix Blog_Dr Doerr_Vision Screening

By Matthew Doerr, MD

Children are often referred to my pediatric ophthalmology practice due to a failed photoscreening. Frequently, the device-based evaluation was performed at school or a pediatrician’s office. These programs use a photoscreener like the Plusoptix Vision Screener. I am an advocate for the use of these systems. Photoscreening can identify children who need glasses but are too young to read an eye chart. The devices are also useful for children who may be otherwise uncooperative.

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Nursing services look to fill in vision screening gaps – by Jennifer Miller, Rn

Plusoptix Blog_School nurse_Vision Screening

Hearing is mandated in Arizona for school kids, but not vision.


I am the nursing supervisor for the Yavapai County Education Service Agency (YCESA) in Prescott, Arizona. As a needs-based organization, YCESA provides a variety of services to any interested local schools. Often, these are schools that cannot afford to hire full time staff. The services including nursing, counseling, physical and occupational therapy. The YCESA supports 28 schools in our rural, far-flung county.

Arizona mandates proof of a hearing test for school entry . No such requirement exists for vision. To emphasize the importance of vision screening, our team decided to write a grant. Grant’s goal was to create a screening program in the Prescott Unified School District. The program would ultilize our Plusoptix autorefractor. The school had been using traditional vision screenings methods, which are difficult for preschoolers to comply with. Even some kindergarteners can struggle with eye charts as well as children with special needs.

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Connecting those in need with important services – by Hank Lunsford

Through coordinated community efforts, our program conducts vision screenings for hundreds of kids every year.


The annual Day 4 Hope, which partner’s schools with sponsoring churches, started more than a decade ago. In Sarasota, 38 nonprofit organizations contribute to these back-to-school events to benefit children in need. At the fairs, each child is given a backpack filled with school supplies, including gift certificates for school uniforms and shoes. Additionally, the children receive books and even free haircuts and hair styling. The events are meant for the entire family, where they can get sheriff identification and family portraits taken. Continue reading “Connecting those in need with important services – by Hank Lunsford”

Photoscreening played a life-saving role for my daughter Brianna – by Dorie Leitten

Plusoptix Blog_Brianna Leitten

In April of 2013, when my daughter Brianna was 6, she had a vision screening at school conducted by volunteers from Bloomfield Lions Club in our home town in Ontario County, New York. She received a referral for a full eye examination. I was not concerned as back in February, Brianna’s eye exam at the pediatrician’s office was normal. Plus, my oldest daughter wears glasses. I made an appointment with our family optometrist for 2 weeks later. There, we found out that we had an emergency.


It was Saturday, and our doctor was unable to reach a specialist willing to see Bri immediately. Therefore, she advised we go to an emergency room. When I said I knew a surgeon at a local hospital, she replied, “If you have any cards, you need to play them right now.”

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Eye Care Mission Uses Plusoptix Vision Screener to Help More Children – by Jim Carlins

PlusoptixBlog_Jim Carlins Hopeful ways

The Hopeful Ways Nicaragua project provides free eye care services to this impoverished country, using the Plusoptix Vision Screener.

Plusoptix Blog_Jim Carlin


The mission of the all-volunteer members of Hopeful Ways is to offer a variety of health services and educational opportunities to the poor in Nicaragua. Our primary initiative, however, is providing free eye care services to the needy. After Haiti, Nicaragua is the Western Hemisphere’s second poorest country. Many of the people we serve have never been seen by an eye doctor. In fact, a pair of prescription eyeglasses could cost 6 months’ wages.

Our program depends heavily on the Nicaragua Lions Club to help coordinate our missions. They do everything from providing transportation to spreading the word in the community and signing up potential patients. Lions Club International is the largest service organization in the world with 1.4 million members from 46,000 clubs in 250 countries.


The eye care services we provide include vision screening as well as full eye examinations, eye surgeries, and even prosthetic eyes. We distribute prescription and reading eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, and even eye moisturizing drops.

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Squinting is a risk sign in children

When babies are born they still have to learn how to see. In the beginning, it is often difficult for them to properly coordinate the movement of both eyes and to fix objects. That’s why babies squint sometimes. If strabismus occurs temporarily in the first few months, this is no cause for concern. It is properly the so-called baby squint. But parents should pay attention on how the squint develops – does it occur less or does the child still squint?

different forms of strabismus

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MEDARVA Vision & Hearing Screening Program – STOP MISLABELING CHILDREN

Plusoptix Blog_Labels campaign Title image


Untreated vision problems can lead to kids being called “hyper,” “distracted,” or a “slow learner.”

The goal of MEDARVA Healthcare’s Vision & Hearing Screening program is simply to help as many children as possible. Encompassed in this goal is our driving mission to ensure no one is incorrectly labeled without a full medical investigation. MEDARVA partners with community organizations in the greater Richmond metropolitan area to bring medical assistance to those in need. In advance of the school year, we have launched a social media campaign and are hitting the streets to advance our anti-labeling mission. Continue reading “MEDARVA Vision & Hearing Screening Program – STOP MISLABELING CHILDREN”

Back to school to-do list: About eye health and the role of Plusoptix Vision Screener

PlusoptixUSA Blog_blur-child-classroom-256468


By Jean-Christophe (JC) Firer, Plusoptix CEO


Learning depends on good vision.

As children get ready to head back to school, we reflect on the importance of vision for learning. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper released a proclamation recognizing the prevalence of undiagnosed and untreated vision disorders. He states that as many as one in four school-age children has vision problems. Vision problems are the most common disorders among children. Coloradoans are reminded to recognize the importance of education in children’s lives. “Parents are encouraged to have their children evaluated for vision problems to maximize their potential in the classroom,” Gov. Hickenlooper said.

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